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1st Nov 2017, 1:52 PM


I'm alive everyone

Just a short blog update this time, I know these aren't a very common thing. The delays on pages is being caused by an increase in work hours at the JayC foodstore I work at, as well as still being a fulltime student enrolled at a university. If you have checked out either of my main art accounts you know all about those things and I am terribly sorry the delays have struck with such grievesness. I have more pages sketched out that just need to be scanned and colored, I just don't seem to have much time to work on falison. Tonight I will try and get the next page finished up for Friday but please don't hate me for how life has stricken me for time. Stay well everyone, I just need more time x_x unless by some miracle I could setup a patreon or something to help me move away from needing this job.


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1st Nov 2016, 12:51 PM


Finally! Somekind of an Update.

Hello friends and fans, if I have any fans. XD

University life is finally starting to relax a little, but still not sure if this will allow me to have the energy or time to get further along the progress of Falison or my other three art projects. With any luck I will at least get a few more pages sketched out or a new storyboard with the current arc since the last one lacks a few new details in the later pages. This chapter may be extending up to around forty pages, with the first volume consisting of between 4-6 of the first set of chapters. To those who know me personally, this project has been a long time passion of mine, never falling away or being abandoned. It all started with a single spark of an idea that I chose to nurture and grow. Our world is full of such brief ideas that most choose to let fade out of existence or give up on when times get tough. Many times have came and gone now where it would have been easiest just to let Falison fade away into the shadows of night, but I'm a stubborn creator who just wants to see such a young idea grow and be enjoyed. Even if it gets ignored by the world, at least I will be able to look back and feel accomplished.

Back when this project began I only had one character who was going to be trying to survive as the only sentient android in existence, due to an accident in programming, while being kept as a secret from the entire world. The project name during that early phase of development was simply, S.Tech. A name and idea I felt were a bit too simple or lacking in enjoyment. Working from the base idea of accidental sentience, the project grew a bit darker. I asked myself, 'What would happen if these accidents were allowed? What would be their purpose?' Thus began the idea of something that grew out of human control, causing the world to die. It didn't take long for that branch to grow even more after playing Mass Effect and Dead Space for the first time. Both dealt with a horrible artificial disease that could end life for certain things. With Mass Effect it was the Genophage, and Dead Space it was an accident caused by sentient lifeforms (spoilers) who tried to reverse engineer the original markers. The disease I created takes aspects of both such things, weaves them together, and amplifies the effects of both. Primarily in the fact of rapid mutations and complete sterility of any form of life. Bacteria were the only form of life able to mutate fast enough to negate the effects of the pathogen created by cultists in the Falison timeline during the 2145 colony uprisings.

Taking things further I devised that humanity would want to see the now extinct animals of earth and give them new life, but in a more functional form. Seeing as how robotics would be vastly improved by then, as well as the eventual combination of the biological and mechanical in the medical field (Thank you Bicentennial Man). It lead me into a rather interesting tangent of ideas I kept throwing into the mix. 'Space travel by then would be easily achieved and fairly cheep. What would computers look like by then if they even exist? What would humans even look like in their pursuit to survive and live longer against such a hopeless situation?' The fighting spirit of humanity can be a strong tool when creating such a distant science fiction story, although this partially falls into the slipstream sub-genre in the later chapters. It quickly became clear how different things would be in that kind of world from our own. By this point in development there still seemed to be several things missing that would at least give the reader a bit of hope, can't have such a dire situation without something for the readers to latch onto. So I worked for at least a year to develop personalities and grow the main character base, but accidentally created too many.

It never is a good moment for a writer to kill off one of their characters, but sadly such fate lays ahead for a handful of the nine characters we will meet along the way. I did say this story was a dark one, but things do have a happy ending if you stick around for then. Maybe even a few animations in the future if time allows, or I make time for such things. The future is something no amount of planning can foresee.

If you managed to read all of that you're awesome! Falison should make a bit more sense, or just confuse you further, I can't make everything clear right away.

As always, this has been S.Fox

Until next time. :iconfoxdanceplz:

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26th Oct 2016, 4:51 PM


State of Falison

Life, it comes and goes along waves of difficulty. For a college student that doesn't always allow for much freetime, let alone with a job on weekends. Unfortunatly due to the combination of the two Falison has fallen behind, way behind, and I'm sorry it has. But I will not be giving up on making this comic. There is a lot planned for this chapter alone let alone those to follow. Sometimes there will be gaps in release just due to commitments in life. I'm not one of those lucky artists or writers out there who are able to live off their work. If I were lucky enough to reach that point some day then pages would be coming about every few days. But college and work come before the creation of the story I love. A single idea that I have nurtured and grown for years before the release of the first page. Even now it continues to grow behind the scenes as it will continue to do for a very long time.

I'm sorry things are slow and have been slow. A full college work load combined with work does not give me much time, and I am sorry about that. Please keep checking every few days or few weeks for the next update. They will come when they are ready.


-Creater and writer of Falison


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